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What Makes Us the Best!

We define the industry standards when it comes to web design, development, hosting and SEO!

No other provider can beat Acacia Host when it comes to timely deliveries! Our free Unlimited hosting is setup immediately, and when it comes to both the Lite and Standard web design packages, they are delivered in record 24 hours, that is our guarantee! Other services are also delivered within the indicated time.  Try us now!

All Acacia Host websites are mobile responsive and they are designed to collapse depending on the devices one is using from mobiles, tablets to PCs. Having a truly mobile responsive website is a requirement , especially in the current Google algorithm change. Failing to adhere to this requirement affect the ranking of your website

Yes, we do not charge you extra for the domain when you order a website from us. We will also host your website on our UK servers, free for a whole year, on our exclusive Deluxe hosting package. Our servers come with at least 64GB RAM, have multiple core processors with SSD drives , based in UK to ensure that your website is accessible fast with no downtime

Starting with Acacia Host website, we do not mince words about our prowess when it comes to design leading industry websites. We define the industry standards with our exquisite designs which in turn enhance businesses’ presence online. Our designs will communicate to your clientele about your products and services in the most succinct and professional way.

When you order a website from Acacia Host, regardless of the package, you gain access to a full a cPanel, according you full control over your website, so that you can customize it whichever way you want! You can also add unlimited domains/websites in the cPanel! You can easily access your cPanel from your account at Acacia Host.

Our website come SEO ready for recognition by all the search engines to start ranking your websites almost immediately. This is a very critical consideration for any seasoned web developer. We do all on-page optimization besides Google/Yahoo/Bing Webmaster and Sitemap submissions. Some packages come with a backlinks blast.

Different website packages to suit every budget and design

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

Refer a Customer and Earn up to USD $ 95*

Become an affiliate and start receiving 10% of every payment your referral customer pays!

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Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

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Check your domain name

.com from 12.99/
.net from 12.90/ from 12.90/

We have a robust hosting infrastructure to ensure that your website is accessible at all times at the fastest speeds possible

SSD Drives are more faster than the conventional Hard drives, enhancing website load speeds to more than 100 times. This is very important and perhaps the greatest difference between our competitors and us.

We offer umetered bandwidth on most of our hosting plans including the most basic deluxe shared hosting. You do not have to worry about downtimes as we ensure that you are available all the time.

When you order any hosting from us, it is deployed immediately payment is confirmed, you do not need to wait for hours before you can start working on putting your websites online.


Cheap, Fast & Unlimited Hosting

Get on our unlimited hosting platform today, free for the first 6 months! When it comes to hosting, no one else comes close!We have deployed leading Intel Xeon servers in Europe and United States to deliver a blazing loading experience for all websites, guaranteeing you 99.99% up-time.

Free/6 Months

Cheap Website Design

Get a complete responsive website delivered within 24 hours! Our website are build on the leading CMS framework, are easy to edit just like a Microsoft Word Document! We will also offer you free personalized help to edit and maintain your website!

from USD $144.50/one time

Managed SEO Services

On Search Engine Optimization, you need both off-page and on-page optimization. We have a comprehensive SEO or Link Building campaign, providing high quality, inbound links to increase the domain authority of your site in search engines.

USD $194.50/one time

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